A Life of Small Victories

I am a spectacular failure, that is to say, no one can fail with as much enthusiasm as I do. But don’t misunderstand me; I have had many successes as well. Nonetheless, no matter how horribly I fail, I always pick myself up and carry on afterwards.

Unfortunately, not everyone is like that. For example, imagine a person that has only failed once, mostly because he has only really tried something new once. That one failure has destroyed him and he is having a painfully hard time trying to recover.

What is the difference? Confidence: the confidence to try something new or different and then the confidence to recover from failure if it doesn’t work out.

Once that is understood then you have to work on building the necessary confidence. The best way I know to do that is through small victories. Focus on achieving small victories in your daily life and they will accumulate. You can accomplish small victories and those victories will start to get bigger until you are confident enough to achieve great life changing goals.

Start with small changes in your life and work your way up to the big stuff. Be patient and unwavering in your pursuit and I promise that you will get there.

This being said, please note that fear is not an option.


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