A View on the Natural God

As regards the powers of the universe, there is only nature and science. The rest is philosophy and mythology. But as human beings we need it all.

God is nature and our understanding of God is entirely our own invention. Mythology and philosophy exist to inform our understanding of our state of being within nature.

We can then say that our nature-worshipping ancestors were the ones to get it right. From there we can then also say that religious thought refined itself according to human self-interest.

This realization sounds rather obvious when stated aloud, but it can take a lifetime of honest reflection to achieve.

I say that nature is God, and I love God. I am also informed by the social philosophy of my religious mythology. The delicate balance between these two elements in my mind makes me human.

Since all human beings swim in the same sea of nature and philosophy, religious bigotry becomes obsolete just as racial bigotry is obsolete. We all come from the same nature, albeit from different understandings of it.


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