Chronicles of Eis

Out Now: Foxes and Kings

Book 3 in the Chronicles of Eis is out now! Third book in the ‘Chronicles of Eis’ series: The death of King Roderick has left an already unstable Albion with a dangerous power vacuum, and a bloody civil war has consumed the entire country. The kinsmen of Spenser prefer that Prince Julian of Albion ascend… Continue reading Out Now: Foxes and Kings

Chronicles of Eis

The Bevyn Rebellion

Second book in the ‘Chronicles of Eis’ series: Aidan of Bevyn and his companions are recovering from the siege of Castle Tornese. But there are still many battles yet to come. The lovely Serafim was kidnapped and the King’s enemies are still getting organized for their nefarious plan. All is in doubt and nothing is… Continue reading The Bevyn Rebellion


Lords First Review

The first review of my book Lords of Eis is in, and it is good. They gave it 5 Stars: "Some books are just meant for sitting back, relaxing, and escaping into another world. "The Lords of Eis" is that kind of book. The author has cleverly crafted a world similar to the one we… Continue reading Lords First Review


Book: Lords of Eis

If you like medieval adventure, knights and ladies, rogues and jesters; then you will love this book: First book in the ‘Chronicles of Eis’ series: On the world of Eis, in the land of Albion, feuds and oppression reign supreme. One knight, returning from war, will venture, along with new companions, to reclaim power… Continue reading Book: Lords of Eis


Out Now: Poetry Book

My book of poems is now available through Amazon: The Wandering Pippo: Poetry from Hell and Back This book of poems is a deeply personal creation developed from life experience. The author uses poems to express his anxiety and confusion at the world around him and goes through a process of becoming strong and… Continue reading Out Now: Poetry Book