Essence in Flight

Nothing I was I am nothing Ground to dust A lowly thing   I become who Transformed to what Seeking to renew Myself I trust   All not pleased Few rejoice This new me Bitter choice   Obey my heart Listen to mind Oppression depart Prison behind   Free my soul Follow my love Truth… Continue reading Essence in Flight


A Rose in Rome

Suffocating anxiety Consumes my mind Absent my piety Peace cannot find   You save me Providing relief Comfort I seek Not empty belief   A dream your face My fire it calms Time and place Soothing my qualms   You fill me whole Renewed the man Reviving my soul Heart in hand   Martyr not… Continue reading A Rose in Rome


Become a Knight of the Rebellion

For love, for family, for friendship, for home; become a knight of the rebellion! On the world of Eis, in the land of Albion, feuds and oppression reign supreme. One knight, returning from war, will venture to reclaim power for those that have been rejected and oppressed. Join the adventure here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086WX7DQZ/  


Amara Phula

Dream of you When awake Face reviewed Breath you take   Every second yours Always in mind Love a curse Love is kind   Wine goes sour Bread goes stale Absent flower Loneliness a jail   Save my soul Free my spirit Make me whole My heart lift   You alone Power have Give love… Continue reading Amara Phula