All About You

Breath is short Head is weighted Heart needs more Soul sedated   Without you Nothing functions Life I cannot do I need instructions   My body an echo My spirit festering My esteem low My senses withering   World without you Not my choice Make me new Help me rejoice   More than love Beyond… Continue reading All About You


Flower of Dhaka

Outside the search Unexpected find Sat on your perch A world from mine   Through the wire We almost connect Imagination inspired My will your test   I look alone from afar Your silence my pain Distant beauty you are Admired in vain   Your word a kindness A look is soothing I think myself… Continue reading Flower of Dhaka


Sidamo: A Journey

A journey of self-discovery takes Paul Castro from the streets of Marietta, Georgia, to the coffee farms of Sidamo, Ethiopia. Losing his job at the bank pushed him into a deep existential crisis that could only be resolved with a life-changing road trip to the unknown. Get your copy of the book HERE This book was… Continue reading Sidamo: A Journey



I am lost Looking to find At any cost My own mind   Myself hidden Suffocating opinions Forcibly given Righteous minions   Freedom a sin Thought an offense Faith’s veil thin My only defense   Still I drown In good intentions Hellward bound Forced descension   Hit the brake Stop the fall Lion awake Out… Continue reading Cubiculum