Forget You Not

You think I forget But know I cannot My life you bless Heart and thought   Lovely princess Noble queen Daring enchantress Paradise seen   Alive in mind Every second Forever mine I come you beckon   Eyes consume Lips a treasure Touch soothes Body pure pleasure   You speak you sing Words tender and… Continue reading Forget You Not

A Georgia Hustle

A Georgia Hustle

Recently released from prison, Mickey Riley goes to live with his best friend in Snellville, Georgia. But his dream of a peaceful life is dashed by a corrupt diplomat, a Cartel boss, and a local drug gang. As he fights them off he also manages to find someone to love. Follow the adventure as he… Continue reading A Georgia Hustle


Sidamo: A Journey

A journey of self-discovery takes Paul Castro from the streets of Marietta, Georgia, to the coffee farms of Sidamo, Ethiopia. Losing his job at the bank pushed him into a deep existential crisis that could only be resolved with a life-changing road trip to the unknown. Get your copy of the book HERE This book was… Continue reading Sidamo: A Journey

augustine trilogy

The Augustine Trilogy

The Augustine Trilogy is now complete! Follow the adventures of Augustine Taggart as he tracks down a serial killer, hunts human traffickers and battles Somali terrorists. All three books are now available HERE